About the authors

Non-Regular was organized, edited and designed by Terra Poirier with contributions by 26 instructors, students and artists, most of whom used pseudonyms due to their lack of job security. They are: —, A-non, Ancient Roots, Anonymous, Anonymous, F. Braun, Curious Cat, Ernesto, G, JB, JH, Laughable Situation, Josh MacPhee, Deneige Nadeau, NB, BD Owens, Maleeha Paracha, RCSB, Risi Fruitti, S/T, Joni Taylor, TB, TKAM, VX, Rita Wong, Worm in the Apple. Several other collaborators provided advice, support and access.

Terra Poirier is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in unceded Coast Salish territories also known as Vancouver BC. Her work is often concerned with (in)visibility and erasure, both of which inform her long exposure photography, her autobiographical book works, and her social practice projects in a variety of media. She has a BFA in Photography with an Art + Text minor from Emily Carr University, from which she graduated with distinction in 2018. A communicator and designer by trade, she has spent 15 years translating social justice research to accessible forms.

Terra created Non-Regular: Precarious academic labour at Emily Carr University of Art + Design because she cares deeply about education, fair labour, and the importance of artists and scholars attending to the conditions of their work.

terrapoirier.ca / IG: t.pois